Gift Tax, Estate Tax and Inheritance Tax


Indianapolis Estate Planning Attorney

Indianapolis Attorney, R. J. Schoettle, has more than 18 years of experience in the preparation of estate gift, and inheritance tax returns for individuals, estates, trusts, and fiduciaries.

Federal Estate Tax

The federal estate tax, also sometimes called "death tax," applies to the transfer of property at someone's death. Currently, this tax only applies to property in excess of $3.5 million. Let an experienced attorney, R.J. Schoettle help you determine if the estate tax applies and file the necessary tax return. He can also assist with state tax and federal income tax preparation for estates.

Federal Gift Tax

If you give money or property to your children or other individuals during your lifetime, you may also be subject to federal gift taxes. As the donor, you are responsible for paying any taxes that are due. In addition to preparing your gift tax return, a lawyer can help you minimize or eliminate gift taxes and estate taxes through estate planning strategies. This can be accomplished through the use of gifts under the annual gift tax exclusion (currently $13,000), or by leveraging the use of the donor's lifetime gift tax exclusion (currently $1,000,000).

Experienced Lawyer in Indiana Inheritance Tax

Indianapolis estate planning attorney, R. J. Schoettle, also has experience with preparing the Indiana inheritance tax return, and in fact worked for three years at the Indiana Department of Revenue in the Inheritance Tax Section.

Let an Experienced Attorney Help you with your Estate Planning Goals

For a lawyer consultation regarding estate taxes, gift taxes, inheritance taxes and estate planning strategies, contact Indianapolis attorney, R.J. Schoettle (317) 374-7918 or complete the attorney contact form. By working from his home office in Indianapolis, lawyer R.J. Schoettle maintains affordable attorney rates and flexible appointments.

R.J. Schoettle is certified in Indiana as an Estate Planning and Administration Specialist by the Estate Planning and Administration Specialty Certification Board.

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