Income Tax Return Preparation, Planning, and Disputes

Indianapolis, Indiana Tax Attorney

R.J. Schoettle can prepare your federal and Indiana state income tax returns and file them electronically with the IRS and Indiana Department of Revenue. Most CPAs charge for this service based on an hourly rate, and franchise tax preparers charge large fees to cover their overhead. R.J. Schoettle will prepare your returns for a low, flat fee based on the difficulty of the return and the schedules required based on your individual circumstances. No matter how complicated your return is, he will take as long as needed to get it done correctly without increasing the fee to you.

If you are involved in a dispute over your tax liability or tax payments with the Internal Revenue Service or the Indiana Department of Revenue, Indianapolis Attorney, R.J. Schoettle can assist you in resolving your tax dispute problems. An experienced tax lawyer, R.J. Schoettle will work with you to help resolve the tax dispute, from the time you receive an audit letter through the audit process, appeals, and through tax court. An experienced attorney, he is well-versed in obtaining workable payment options. If you have not filed tax returns from years past, or you have unpaid back taxes, who better to assist you in preparing tax returns of all types than a tax attorney. He can also assist with IRS liens before the government levies your bank accounts or garnishes your wages.

An experienced, affordable lawyer for tax matters, contact Indianapolis, Indiana attorney, R.J. Schoettle at (317) 374-7918 or visit the Contact page for more information.

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